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see ii air foils Can Help Save Lives & Prevent Accidents

See II Air Foils are constructed from aluminum and powder coated. The resulting assembly has a highly durable finish and maximum corrosion resistance. There is no maintenance required other than washing at the normal interval the bus is washed. All fasteners are grade 8 for maximum durability. 


The patented design of the SEE II Air Foil creates two distinct air flow paths down the rear face of the bus. The inner air flow is a laminar (smooth) flow which creates a buffer of air between the outer air flow and the rear face of the bus. The outer air flow is a quicker turbulent flow. This flow creates a downward wind force which makes dirt and snow blow past the inner buffer flow, preventing it from settling on the back of the bus. As the bus travels down the road, the resulting dust or snow cloud which gathers at the back of the bus (and follows it) is whisked down and away from the bus.  For more illustrations, visit the illustration page.

  • Prevents dust and snow buildup on rear windows of bus. This type of build up obstructs the driver view when backing or checking for possible passing cars when unloading children. In many cases drivers will check the rear view mirrors before starting the red sequence and opening the entrance door on the bus.
  • Helps prevent snow and dust build up on rear 8-way lights. Recent driver comments state that the newer LED lights used in 8-ways are more prone to icing as they run cooler than traditional incandescent lights. The incandescent lights typically generate enough heat during usage to keep lights snow and ice-free. Snowy or dusty 8-way lights are less visible to motorists, inviting accidents and potential lawsuits.
  • In pusher (rear engine) applications, provides cleaner air to the engine. This improves air filter life, saving money and reducing downtime due to less frequent air filter changes.
  • In cases where rear backing cameras are used, a properly installed foil keeps the camera lens cleaner longer, reducing liability and the need to wash the vehicle as often.
  • Keeps the bus looking cleaner. Garages will often wash their buses simply because the rear of the bus is so dirty while the rest of the bus may not need to be washed.
  • Activity or trip buses report better fuel mileage.

Comparison Under Snowy Conditions

Common Dirt Road Problem
(No See II)  

Comparison Of Road Grime & Dirt

After a Snowy Morning Route

  • Can be installed on any standard bodied (steel end-cap) school bus in approximately 45 minutes.
  • Installation kits for fiberglass rear cap buses are in development and will soon be available. Current installation kits should not be used on buses with rear fiber glass caps. Request a See II 220 if installing on a fiber glass roof. For high mounted clearance lights request a See II 210. Two different installation heights are available for marker light clearance.

Standard color is school bus yellow. Also available in white or black.
See II Air Foils can now be fitted for Type A school buses.
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