Ambulances & Emergency Vehicles

see ii air foils Can Help Save Lives & Prevent Accidents

See II air foils are constructed from aluminum and are powder coated. The resulting assembly has a highly durable finish and maximum corrosion resistance. There is NO maintenance required other than washing at a normal interval of the vehicle. All fasteners are grade 8 for maximum durability. 


The patented design of the See II air foil creates two distinct air flow paths down the rear face of the vehicle. The inner most air flow is a laminar (smooth) flow, which creates a buffer of the air between the outer air flow and the rear of the vehicle. Since the outer air stream goes through a venturi, it become extremely accelerated, forcing air down the vehicle’s rear at a faster speed than the inner stream. This creates a wall of very fast air preventing dirt and snow from settling on the back of the vehicle. As the vehicle speeds up and slows down, the inner stream of air moves up and down with a brush like motion. The result is very little accumulation of dirt or snow on lights, windows, cameras and the rear of the vehicle


Prevents dust and snow buildup on rear windows. This type of build up obstructs the driver’s view when backing or passing other vehicles.

• Helps prevent snow and dust buildup on warning lights. The “new” LED lights now used on most vehicles are extremely prone to icing, as they run cooler than traditional lights. The old style incandescent lights typically generated enough heat during use to keep the lights mostly free of snow and ice. If warning lights are less visible to motorists, this invites accidents and potential lawsuits.

• In cases where rear backing cameras are used, if properly installed, the foil keeps the camera lens cleaner longer, reducing liability and the need to wash the vehicle as often.

• Eliminates having dirt or snow caked on rear doors and sometimes even frozen shut. Also keeps vehicle graphics and markings cleaner.

• Eliminates having to wash the vehicle as often. Many times only the rear of the vehicle is dirty, while the rest of the vehicle doesn’t need washing. The result is saved time and money.

• A very cost effective product that will make your vehicle much SAFER.


Can be installed on any standard bodied steel end-capped vehicle in approximately 45 minutes. Special bracket systems are also available for installation on fiberglass rear caps. Standard colors of black and white are available.

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